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Open Source Automated, Accelerated, Quantifiable DNA Analysis for our Assay

MaGellin is a MATLAB script that uses computer vision algorithms to calculate the location and intensity of DNA bands. MaGellin is crucial for our workflow because it allows for clear input/output. Since our restriction digests always yield bands in predictable locations, MaGellin eliminates user bias and standardizes data sets across trials, and labs, accelerating the pace of discovery.

MaGellin converts gel images into standardized data sets, making data analysis quick, easy and unbiased.

A User-friendly GUI that is easy to navigate makes it ideal for first time users.

The bioinformatics module simulates DNA digestion, so you know what bands to expect before even touching a pipette.

Computer vision algorithm calculates location and intensity of DNA bands.

SkyDrive provides open access to data and encourages open source collaborations. MaGellin is the interface to our assay, and it acts to abstract our plasmid system the same way a programming language abstracts computer hardware.