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Our team consists of talented students from a variety of majors, just as the field of synthetic biology encompasses a variety of specialties. Each student has an interesting background which as a whole, creates a team with strength in a wide range of areas.

Adam Nighswander
I joined the team this year because I wanted to help the with some of the challenges that we faced last year. In both years, I joined because the field of synthetic biology is something that amazes me, with its versatility and potential. I feel the experience, knowledge, and skills I gain from this program will give me something that I can focus my future on.
Adam Nighswander is a senior Applied Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology double major from Tiffin, Ohio. He was on the iGEM team last year and uses his experiences to help this year’s team. He was one of the co-founders of the Biology Club, and is a member of Alpha Phi Omega.
Ayla Walters
I became involved with the Rose Hulman IGEM team because I was fascinated by their project idea. I'm very interested in the intersections between art and science, and I've enjoyed working with the rest of the team to create icons, images, and designs that will engage viewers in a creative visual and intuitive way as they learn about our project and synthetic biology as a whole.
Ayla Walter lives in Terre Haute, IN and is a sophomore painting major at Rhode Island School of Design. She has contributed to the the language department murals in Terre Haute North High School, was a volunteer for Terre Haute Art Spaces Inc. and has received multiple awards for her entries into the student work shows at the Swope Art Gallery. In her free time Ayla enjoys writing, swimming, drawing, painting, and spending way to much money at various bookstores.
Bianca Maled
I joined the iGEM team to learn more about synthetic biology, a branch of biology which I had not been previously exposed to. I also really liked the idea of working as a collaborative team to create a competitive project.
Bianca Maled is a junior Biochemistry major from Mooresville, IN. She is recruitment chair for Chi Omega and has also participated in the Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRC) program, on the Quality of Education Committee, and on the Student Activities Committee.
Dax Earl
I joined iGEM because the topic interested me greatly and I wanted to learn more about bioinformatics.
Dax Earl is a sophomore Computer Science major. He is from Champaign, Illinois. He enjoys learning about computer security, running at night, and not sleeping.
Mary Schultz
I chose to join the iGEM team because I consider synthetic biology an integral part of developing new technology for the future. I wanted to learn more about synthetic biology and its applications in the world.
Mary Schultz is a senior Biomedical Engineer. She is from Harrison, OH. She is a member of the Society of Women Engineers, and Society of Biomedical Engineers.
Tanner Reeb
Genetics has always amazed me and been the focus of my academic pursuits, so I was ecstatic to hear that Rose was finally getting its own iGEM team. This program fits my interests perfectly, and I look forward to putting my skills to the test and gaining experience in the topics I plan to focus my career on.
Tanner Reeb is a senior in Applied Biology hailing from Bluffton, Indiana. He co-founded and is President of both of Rose-Hulman’s Biology Club and Freethinkers. He also is an administrator for the on-campus event Humans vs. Zombies.
Ted Samore
Synthetic biology is awesome: it is fascinating to learn about and its applications are limited only by imagination. I am interested in developing and analyzing mathematical models to gain biological insight that otherwise would not be apparent.
Ted Samore is a senior Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science double major from River Forest, Illinois. He has participated in the Rose-Hulman Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration and regularly competes in intramural sports.
Dave Goulet
Biological systems often exhibit immense complexity and richness of behavior. The power of applied mathematics lies in its diverse set of tools capable of describing, analyzing, and making predictions regarding the behavior of complex systems. In this sense, synthetic biology is a vast and fascinating playground for applied mathematicians. I’m proud and excited to participate in iGEM. It gives me a chance to foster the development of the next generation of mathematically aware synthetic biologists
Dave Goulet teaches and studies mathematical biology. His research interests are in cellular and molecular biology and biochemistry. He’s an avid rock climber and is the faculty advisor for the Rose-Hulman rock climbing club.
Richard Anthony
Synthetic biology has the potential to address many of humanity's grand challenges. iGEM provides rich opportunities to foster the creative and critical thinking skills, and aptitude for interdisciplinary collaboration and team work, that are essential to realizing the discipline's full potential. I find it invigorating to be involved in such a worthy endeavor.
Dr. Anthony teaches genetics, cell and molecular biology. His research interests focus on ribosome structure and function. He is a champion of using synthetic biology and iGEM as mediums for interdisciplinary education of undergraduates.