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Our team consists of talented students from a variety of majors, just as the field of synthetic biology encompasses a variety of specialties. Each student has an interesting background which as a whole creates a team with much strength in a wide range of areas.

Rose-Hulman is a small campus of about two thousand undergraduate students and one hundred graduate students who are united by their interest in science, engineering, and mathematics. The small size of campus allows for students to have one-on-one interactions with professors and mentors, and develop a family-like relationship with their fellow peers. Our close-knit campus feel and dedicated motivation to furthering our education has been noticed by others. The U.S. News & World Report has ranked Rose-Hulman #1 in the nation for undergraduate engineering for 15 years consecutively, and Luminosity ranked us #9 of 400 on their list of smartest colleges. Our academic experience is priceless.
Synthetic Biology
Synthetic Biology is a blossoming focus in the Applied Biology program here at Rose-Hulman. With prospects of building a new laboratory and conference space dedicated to the extension of biological research, the biology department hopes to increase the amount and the quality of the research in the field of synthetic biology.
The Interdisciplinary Research Collaborative (IRC) program at Rose-Hulman allows students to participate in research on campus with professors in their area of study. The areas of research range from physics to mathematics and chemistry to biology, with many projects in each field to choose from. As a team, we collaborate with the IRC program to explain the progress of our current research with other students and open our project to discussion of improvements or suggestions. The IRC program is a network of students all interested in furthering their research experience and discovery.