Haoyan Fu is the team initiator. He managed the team, looked for financial support, and designed the project.

Gousi Li is the lab manager. She made great contribution to designing project and construsting PNP sensor. She also helped to design ppt.

Junyu Luo is involved in project, wiki, a card game, ppt and logo design. He tried constructing OP pesticides degradation system and suicide system. He also contributed to travel arrangement.

Gongli Zou contributed to construsting PNP sensor and suicide system, manage the team's finance, human practice and daily routines.

Kaiwen Chen, contributed to the construction of PNP sensor and PNP degradation system. He also helped to design the project

Han Zhang, contributed to financial management and designing the project.

Danlin Zheng, contributed to experiments and some daily routines.

Yingqi Wang, is involved in financial management and contruction of PNP sensor.He is also in charge of our travelling.

Can Zhang, helped to design project, experimentalize, and deal with daily routines.

Congcong Cao, helped to design project.

Di Huang, is responsible for human practice and communication with other teams.

Haoting Chen, participated in project design and helped to some design work.


Thanks the office of academic affairs, South China Agricultural University and the College of Life Science for financial support. Especially, our college offered laboratory and reagents to us.

Thanks for the dean of College of Life Science, Yiqun Deng.

Thanks for the secondary dean of the College of Life Science, Gang Hao. He tried his best to offer necessary resource to us.

Thanks for our four teachers. They are Loti Chen, Yongjiang Ma, Yufei Hu, and Jilei Huang. They provided us with lots of assistance. Especially thanks for Loti Chen. His laboratory provided us with reagents, instruments and academic support.

Thanks for our advisor Haoqian Zhang, who gave very helpful advice and academic help to us. He went to Guangzhou and offered very useful help to our new team in April.

Thanks for an eminent graduate, Fengpin Wang, who gave a lot of academic support to us.

Thanks for Dr, Masahiro Takeo, who offered bacterium Rhodococcus sp. Strain PN1 and the key plasmids.

Thanks for Ocean University of China and Peking University. In April,we visited these two universities and communicated with Peking and OUC-China. We have learnt a lot from them.