We also design a card game to propagandize our project and synthetic biology. We believe this is a novel and very funny method.

    Every player has four pieces of field, which can be used to cultivate the plants on cards. Plant cards are marked with stars. One star indicates that one piece of field is required to cultivate the plant, two stars indicate that two pieces of field are required.Plants are allowed to be moved from field for the sake of cultivating new plants.Insect cards are also marked with stars. One star indicates that the insect is able to hurt a piece of field, two star indicates two pieces of field can be harmed.

    There are ATK and DEF values on both of plant cards and insect cards. An Insect is capable of hurting an plant on the condition that its DEF value is higher than that of plant. The new ATK value of the plant card is stipulated as the value that the ATK value of insect is subtracted from that of the plant card. The plant will die if the new ATK value of the plant card is less than 0.

    Every player is allowed to extract two cards randomly in each round. As long as no card is reserved and one player consumes all of his card, game is over. The player whose ATK value is the highest is the winner.

    When rivals use insect cards,players are permitted to utilize pesticide to kill rivals' insects.At the same time,the certain player who use pesticide is also suffered from harmful effect.However, this harmful effect can be eliminated as long as engineering bacteria are applied.