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1.We helped SYSU construct the original hbax and characterize the part BBa_K1061006 by comparing its growth-inhibiting effect with the original hbax in yeast.

2.We constructed 22 biobricks in which 15 parts have worked, including 8 new biobricks and submitted 12 high quality and well-characterized standard biobricks. Learn more ›››

3.We constructed two improved biobricks, BBa_K1072017 and BBa_K1072018 and successfully localized the odr-10 into membrane of yeast.

4.We induced the odr-10 receptor by ligand diacetyl successfully and also activate the downstream pathway. Learn more ›››

5.We have improved a biobrick BBa_K1072022, and produced signal molecular.

6.We have cooperated with 11 bioengineering class to arrange a Bio-model Competition. Learn more ›››

7.We mimicked deterministic and stochastic simulations of pathway model of odorant signal transport. Learn more ›››

8.We sucessfully construct the three parts of the oscillator and generate diacetyl in E.coli.Learn more...

Therefore, we believe that we deserve a Gold Medal Prize.