About us

Description of developers of software and authors of wiki.

We are from SUSTC-Shenzhen-B. We choose iGEM and we love it! When we decided to do it, we were just freshmen, so we’ve met difficulties. But, we are a team! We overcame these difficulties. Please enjoy our software.

Team member

Zhu Xiaodan

I like play basketball very much. Though I am not tall enough, my Superb skill makes up my shortage. I’m our team’s captain, so my teammates sometimes call me Zhu Boss. I took charge in LGD and also contributed to database.

Li Hanrun

There are always some amazing ideas in my head. The idea of LGD is came up by me. It isn’t a wonderful idea? So, you are right. I am plan maker of our team! Though I have some ideas, I am lazy to carry it. It doesn’t matter. Everyone can’t be perfect!

Ni Zhuangdian

You can call me Dian Dian. I like to eat delicious food. Except eating, sleeping is my hobbies, too. I not only know how to enjoy life, but also know what the beauty is. Yes, I am the chief visualization officer! I designed the logo and many pictures for software. I also contributed my share to the database.

He Huiyu

To get a better understand of Synthetic Biology and exchange ideas with students from other countries, I joined this iGEM team. I coded for a whole summer with other people in the team to develop Mindmap. I was also in charge of the wiki. In the last month, I worked as project manager. I acquired many skills during the whole game and got some thoughts about team working.

Wang Lingjue

Like some of my teammates, I’m very sleepy now because I can feel my bed is calling me back. By the way, I am chief database officer. Zzzzzz..

Zhou Liqun

In most of the time, I'd like work alone. When my teammates had a fierce debate, I often keep silent. Though I don't like to talk more, it doesn't influence me to push our team ahead. During the work, I was a workaholic, but when our team take activities, I'm one of the most vivid one! It is me, a boy both quiet and lively! I was responsible for Clotho applications and I also help my teammates in programming and database.

Wu Sisi

I am considered to be fun. I believe that we are always more productive when we are working with people who is fun. Sense of humor can save a day when infortune comes. I wrote many words for wiki and software and I worked in database group early in summer.

Zhang Lihua

I don't like talking too much in front of people. I like watching movies and American sitcoms. I really enjoyed our team work, I think all of my teammates are nice guys. I collected much information for database in the summer and worked to build Clotho application.

Wan Yi

I like to take part in all kinds of activities in school,iGEM is one of them. I am the lead singer in a band,the president of Association of Volunteer in SUSTC, I am outgoing, so I worked as the director of human practice. And I also did some database work in summer.

Peng Zhuoteng

Try to make everything elegant and simple.

Freshmen follwer

Jiang Fan
Yang Fan
Ding Yujie


He Jiankui

Prof. Jiankui He is associate professor in SUSTC. He got his Ph.D. in Physics at Rice University in Houston Texas in 2010 and did his postdoc at Stanford University. Prof. He’s lab employs interdisciplinary methods in physics, chemistry, and statistics to study biological systems at both cellular and genetic level. Current research focuses on genomic, human genetic diseases, immunology, system biology and synthetic biology.


Without our advisors's help, we couldn't have been so far.

They are Pan Yidan, Qie Boyu and Tong Yin.