The next version of Circuit+

Making standard for regulatory relationships

So far, we have made standard for logical gene module and genetic circuit (RFC 101 and RFC 97 version 2.0). In order to store and share the regulatory relationships between biological parts in circuit, we need a standard to standardize those relationships and give logic symbol to describe them.

To achieve this goal, we need

1 A complete standard of logical gene module.All of the logic genetic gates could be described in our standard,and all the inputs ,outputs and related variables could be quantified. As a result, any logic genetic gates in any genetic circuits could be simplified into a logical gene module.

2 All the stimulants and products could be quantified. Credible equantion could be applied to thess signals and the prediction can reflect biological phenomena.

Updating Database

The information stored in the database is not perfect now. We will update our database both from structure and content in the next version. The structure can be improved to coordinate the new version genetic circuit standard . More and better quality of circuits will be recorded from collecting and uploading.

Also, the database would collect all of the experiment data in the world for each circuit, and an actual measurement would be taken by our wet lab to ensure the working state of these circuit. In the anticipation, the database will be non-redundant, so that all of the high rank circuits we provided will be useful and well reproductive.

Further more, we will collect and call for more information for those incomplete circuits, such as useful parts or useful genes or measured data, to help build them successful.

Improving SBOL

We will add our software to SBOL’s website as an example of how to use SBOL and join in the g+ group of SBOL to build a better SBOL support.

Redesign LGD

Our next version of LGD is Logical Genetic Designer, it will be very powerful. Including the functions as Logical Genetic Diagram, to give an visual network of genetic circuit, Logical Genetic Designer can also help users to redesign the circuits and show the regulatory relationships in the new circuits. It can also show the relationships between parts in out circuit and pathways of microorganism,conducting a simulation result that how the artificial genetic circuits influence the wild pathways,giving quantitative models to each circuits. What's more, based on a more powerful database, you can designed circuits with much more useful information, such as experimental data of parts, useful genes and recommended design proposal.So, equipped with Logical Genetic Designer, you can design your circuit very easily in the view of function and Application. Wet lab protocol will be generated for each of your design, you can make your imagination realized through our designer.

Cooperate with the Registry of Standard Biological Parts

We will contact the Registry of Standard Biological Parts. We have employed some data from the Registry through their API. The Registry and Circuit+ have many things in common and they are complementary to some degree. We think cooperation of the Registry of Standard Biological Parts and Circuit+ will open a new age of synthetic biology.

We will promote our software as well as synthetic biology in the future. The open database needs your participation and we are waiting for you!