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<span class="board-header">Download the install package</span>
<span class="board-header">Download the install package</span>
         You can download our software from <a href="" target="_blank">Github</a><br>
         You can download our software from here:<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br>
         In windows:<br>
         In windows:<br>

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Introduction Accurate simulation and gene circuit design are essential but difficult parts in synthetic biology.Here, we designed CAST to cover the workflow from beginning to end, users can focus on function design and the gene circuit would be automatically designed. Furthermore, we developed a new simulation model that work with standard dynamic characteristic and verified by wetlab experiments. Moreover, we build an expandable database that users can contribute their own dynamic information which would lead to more accurate and sufficient dynamic information of all the Biobricks. Finally, our software is designed as an easy deployed server so that it can be used on personal purpose or shared by a whole lab or institution.
Install Tutorial
Download the install package

You can download our software from here:
In windows:
Unpack the package to any directions;
(In 64bit)Run project/server\ x64.bat
or (In 32bit)Run project/server_x32bit.bat;
Run project/iGEM-Browser/bin/Debug/CefSharp-Example.exe;
or open any web browser and enter

In linux:
Unpack the package to any directions;
sudo apt-get flask
sudo apt-get gevent
sudo apt-get geventwebsocket
sudo apt-get greenlet
sudo apt-get rsa
(64bit)python project/Python27/web/
(32bit)python project/Python27-32/web/
Open any web browser and enter *.*.*.*(your server's ip adress):5000