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The design of traditional synthetic biology needs several steps, which are proposing idea, searching chemicals relevant to the idea, finding Biobricks or other vectors that are regulated by or express these chemicals, vectors construction and circuits’ fabrication, simulation, wet lab validation and application. Although the procedures are systematical, they are discrete and not automatic. Therefore, most of the work is repetitive and scattered.

We are seeking the way of compiling the synthetic biology methods in order to enhance the efficiency of synthetic biology design. We are looking forward to developing a software, which is not only able to accomplish repetitive work, such as chemical searching and vectors and circuit construction, but also capable of combining all processes together like assembly line, after proposing the idea. To approach this goal, we develop Computer Aided Synbio Tools, CAST.

With CAST, researchers can accomplish every step in synthetic biology with several simple clicks. According to user's demand, CAST can automatically perform the regulatory networks and gene circuits designing with Biobricks and other regulatory elements, modeling, vector designing and proposal build. User can also optimize or alter the default methods to fulfill some further demands. All of the designed elements, networks and vectors can be stored in database to be shared through CAST.

We believe this method can be employed by both amateurs and experts because of its accessibility. Furthermore, the concept of quantitative design may introduce a new era that artificial creature design would be more reliable.