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Bronze Medal

Register the team, have a great summer, and have fun attending the Jamboree.

Create and share a description of the team's project via the iGEM wiki.

Overview of project

Present a Poster and Talk at the iGEM Jamboree.

Develop and make available via the The Registry of Software Tools an open source software tool that supports synthetic biology based on BioBrick standard biological parts

Our software in Github.
Our giant software aims at operating Biobrick of device level based on synthesized DNA fragments.
But for biobrick level, the second module can also assist users to design genes, such as deletion of EcorI, XbaI, SpeI, PstI, Not I in the CDS, codon optimization and repeat smash.

Silver Medal

A. Provide a detailed, draft specification for the next version of your software tool. As our project is so large and extensible greatly, at least 5 ideas can’t be realized due to time limitation.

B. Provide a second, distinct (yet complementary) software tools project. For the third module SegmMan, we have a complementary design & synthesis method OLS chip synthesis, so that Genovo is compatible for both synthesizer and chip.

Provide a demonstration of their software either as a textual or video tutorial made available on their wiki.

Textual tutorial

Gold Medal

Have another team utilize the software developed by your team. You must clearly show how your software was used and the results that were obtained.

We have software team Shenzhen_BGIC_ATCG to use the second module to design their genes. SC2.0 project also try out SegmMan module on chrVII’s segmentation.

A. Outline and detail how your software effects Human Practices in Synthetic Biology.

Web-based server for public to use Software assessment and comparison with Biostudio.
We interview with core leader, Dr. Patrick Yizhi Cai and talk about Genovo’s design and application.
We tried to sell our team shirts to people from BGI.

B. Use SBOL in your software documentation.

We use SBOL as one of the output of first module to describe the genes in new created pathway.

A. Develop and document a new technical standard that supports one of the following:

a. Design of BioBrick Parts or Devices
Chromosome Design Standard
Design Operation Standard
b. Construction of BioBrick Parts or Devices
Assembly Strategy Standard