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<p>Shenzhen_BGIC_0101 is a union team:<br/>
<p>Shenzhen_BGIC_0101 is a union team:<br/>

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Shenzhen_BGIC_0101 is a union team:
6 universities
9 members
– 2 postgraduates and 7 undergraduates
– They are all co-culture students between BGI college and their home universities.




Instructor & advisor


1. Jianhui Gong designed most of the projects.
2. Xujia Lu covers graphical user interface and software framework of Genovo and also the drag & drop operation method.
3. Xinming Liang, Yuxiang Li and Jianhui Gong cover programming for chromosome structure constructing, nucleotide sequence editing and chromosome segmentation for assembly respectively.
4. Chao Zhang covers wiki establishment.
5. Yincheng Li covers BioStudio installation and debugging.
6. Wenzhuo Zeng covers kgml parsing and presentation.
7. Boxian Lai covers linking segmentation with OLS method for synthesizing DNA.
8. Zeyun Hu covers database collecting.


1. Financial support:

BGI College, it paid team & attendance registration fee, travel allowance and accommodation fee for us.

2. Workplace & desktop & test environment provider:

BGI, Shenzhen, it provided us enough room to discuss, work together, organize meetings and also at least 7 desktops. BGI also allowed us to test our plug-ins and program on mainframe.

3. Server support:

Dr. Huixiong Li from UESTC and Liping Yang from BGI assisted us to establish web-server.

4. Software design guidance:

Mr. Yun Wang assisted us to design the third module SegmMan, assembly from 2k minichunks to 10k chunks, and then to 30k megachunks.
Dr. Patrick Yizhi Cai pointed out some errors of design principle, especially in the homologous recombination from 30k megachunks to whole chromosome.

5. Software based framework provider:

Jbrowse & Gbrowse from GMOD.
GeneDesign & BioStudio from Dr. Sarah Richardson of John Hopkins University.
GASP from Dr. Eroshenko from Harvard School of Engineering and Applied
Some nameless frameworks from D3 library and KEGG.

6. Team shirt design support:

Mr. Kang Kang helped us to design two types of shirts, one for team members, one for advertising and sales.