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IGEM, a competetion of synthetic biology, providing education opportunity for students around the world. However, in China, there are 29,600,000 graduate students, of which only a tiny number are able to have their own iGEM team in their home college or university due to the scarcity of resource and the policy limitation. Thus, for better achieve this purpose in our China, this year, we proposed “Magic Thought” as our human practice title to implement the educational principle of iGEM. It can be devided into two parts. First part is that our team just tried our best to provide the mateiral, the information or the training for other team which having the wish but lack the ability to build the iGEM team. The other part is that we welcom the students loving synthetic biology but cannot access to the iGEM to involved in our project.


Our team is a diversity one, which consists of students from more than ten universties. They learnt the basic techn and knowledge of synthetic biology and also had fun within our iGEM team. Thus, they brought these back to their home school: Zhang Junjie: Build the one iGEM team of South China University of Technology Deng Yang: Construct one experiment team and one software team in The University of Electronic Science and Technology Meng Zijian: Build one team in Beijing institute of technology Besides the university, we also help the high school, such as Shengzhen Foregin Language School an Shengzheng Secondary School.


During the process our team member trying to help such education institution building their own team, we really met some difficut. Luo Xuefeng, the senior student of South China Normal University, planed to consturct a iGEM team in his home university. Unfortunately, the university leader refuted his plan even there are many biology students eager for such team and want to study synthetic biology. Thus, we have another idea to share our resources and give the students an opportunity accessing synthetic biology by welcome them to join into our project. Students from