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iGEM Incubator

As our project is a colorful magic, the BGIC consortium, initialed in 2012, is also a magic performed by students from varies of schools, cities or even countries. Team members learnt the basic technology and knowledge of synthetic biology and also had fun within our iGEM team. Thus, they brought these back to their home school:

Zhang Junjie & Gong Jianhui: Set up the iGEM team of South China University of Technology

Deng Yang: Participated in constructing one experiment team and one software team in The University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.

Meng Zijian: A guest iGEMer, build one team in Beijing Institute of Technology.

Jia Hekang: A guest iGEMer, started the first high school iGEM team in China, the Shenzhen Foreign Language School team.

Chen Pengxuan & Yu Huizhi: Guest iGEMers, key members of iGEM HS team Shenzhen Middle School.

BGIC consortium also helped in the construction of the iGEM teams from South China Agriculture University and South University of Science and Technology of China.

Zhang Kaige and Wang Boxiang, key members of former iGEM teams of Sichuan University and Wuhan University, also joined us in this summer.

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Guest iGEMers

During the process our team member trying to help such education institution building their own team, we really met some difficult, especially in China. Luo Xuefeng, the senior student of South China Normal University, planed to construct an iGEM team in his home university. Unfortunately, the university leader refuted his plan even there are many biology students eager for such team and want to study synthetic biology.

We also received request for sponsorship or assistance from several institutions, like Zhengzhou University and several high schools, declaring the lack of official supporting from their schools, or the shortage of team members. Thus, we have another idea to share our resources and give the students an opportunity accessing synthetic biology by welcome them to join iGEM, join our consortium in a special way.

Then, we made an research about the iGEM knowledge in BGI, as the first picture showed. And the results indicated there are majority of people lack such knowledge and majority of them was resulted by some factors hardly to be resolved in a short time.

That is the iGEM Open Month for Guest iGEMers during summer. Our team is open for high school students all around the world from the beginning of July to about 20th. Training and mini-iGEM projects just like fluorescence protein experiments are available for them to stimulating their interests in synthetic biology. And then, university students are welcome to join from late July to the end of their summer vacation. They will be highly involved in our project so it is great to perform the magic together with them. The names of guys with significant contributions are as listed:

Wei Renyao: Penn University

Ou Zhen: Imperial College

Li Yiman: from Drexel University, working in the microfluidics group

Lin Bohan: University of Washington

Wong Hiu Lam: from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, joining in the targeting peptide group

Wang Yixiong: University of Alberta

Zhang Yi: Southern Medical Universtiy

Seven Students from Shanxi Medical University:Guo Zhiyin, Hou Mingxia,Jiang Xinxin, Li Haiying, Lu Hong,Wang Dandan, Zhang Dawei

App: iGEMagic

In order to wide spread latest events of the consortium, and fascinate more motivating youngsters for our consortium and iGEM, we have developed an App named "iGEMagic". In this App, students can

1) Get latest news of iGEM and BGIC pushed;

2) Apply for membership of BGIC consortium;

3) Become guest iGEMer during summer

4) Get access to our summer courses

5) Afford assistance to the consortium

6) Discuss project ideas with us.



On May 25th, we hold an workshop in BGI. Several schools come together, two teams of BGIC, two teams from Sun Yat-Sen University two teams from SUSTC,one team from South China University of Technology,one team from South China Agriculture, made presentation about their iGEM project this year, and conducted discussion about them.


Design some of our BioBricks by "Genovo", the software produce by software team Shenzhen_BGIC_1010. Afford feedback.

Help in testing software developed by team Shenzhen_SUSTC_B.