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Hi I am Dr. Mage!
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Shenzhen_BGIC_ATCG is a special consortium. Team members are from all over the country. In the 3rd or 4th year in university, some undergraduate students came to Shenzhen and involved in a joint program called Innovation Program in BGI College. After lectures introducing synthetic biology and iGEM given by our instructor K2, 29 students from ten schools have joined the consortium BGIC_ATCG, which include:
- Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China
- Sichuan University, China
- South China University of Technology, China
- Wuhan University, China
- University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China
- Southeast University, China
- South China Normal University, China
- Anhui Medical University
- China University of Geosciences
- Jinan University

Promoter Group

Zhu Shuang, Lin Kequan, Wang Boxiang from Wuhan University, Wei Wei, Zheng Bingwei, Lan Yi in HUST and Liu Yang in CUG work together for the promotors.

Zhu Shuang: Studious and very outgoing. Being popular with everyone.

Lin Kequan: A steady fellow ,with serious appearance and hot heart .Like to make friends

Wang Boxiang: An easy-going guy. I am a crazy man, Wang said.

Wei Wei: Always act as a gentleman, never refute to help others.

Zheng Bingwei: Looks like a common students but really different when you know him well.

Lan Yi: Like laughing, a smart and pretty girl

Liu Yang: A shy and interesting girl , from the CUG

Degradation Group

Guan Rui from SEU and He funan, Wang Rui, Lin Li, Yaolei Zhang from UESTC made their efforts to the degradation parts.

Wang Rui: A smart,pretty and slim girl from UESTC

Guan Rui: Cute and excellent girl.Had a nickname, "a little Pokemon". With a strong will in doing what she likes to do.

He funan: I'm a senior student from UESTC, major in biotech, I am also a member of team degradation. I'm keen to learn and have passion in life science.

Lin Li:A dreaming girl, works hard to be a good "Time Commander".

Zhang Yaolei : A somewhat introverted but confident boy,who always believes that "Tomorrow Will Be Brighter".

Targeting Group

LiXiang,Xu Yanhui,Wu Fanzi, Yu yang and Zhang Jinchun from SCU: responsible for targeting peptide,XFP,terminators design and experiments.

Zhang Jinchun: A creative person, outgoing and friendly.Everyone called her "Aunt Chun" due to her maturation and proficient.

Xu Yanhui : Studious Student, always fighting for her dream

Li Xiang: A good man.

Yu Yang: A Warm-hearted boy, major in biotechnology. Love sports,especially the basketball.

Synchronization Group

Xie Qiaolin, Zhang Aiping, Lin Qiongfen, Cheng Chengxuan working together in the Synchronization Group

Xie Qiaolin: In the words of Adam Smith (The Wealth of Nations, 1776): “Science is the great antidote to the poison of enthusiasm and superstition.”So come on,let's work hard

Lin Qiongfen: Just doing myself, not for best, but for better.

Cheng Chengxuan: Nothing to say, just work and being great.

Splicing Group

Gong Jianhui,Chen Shihong,Gu Chenguang,Lu Yanping Liang Jiale,from South China University of Technology, are responsible for the Src1 and Mer1 intron design and experiments.

Gong Jianhui: Our team leader, good at bioinformatics and synthetic biology.

Chen Shihong:Due to his cute lips, we call him "little sausage".

Gu Chenguang: A slightly fat boy and seems to be shy. Everybody loves that guy.

Lu Yanping:......................................

Liang Jiale:..........................................

Microfluidic Group

Chen Yichun of SCNU, Zhong Na of JNU work for the microfulidic part.

Cheng Yichun: Outgoing and interesting to talking with for his humorous

Zhong Na: Good at cooking, we all love the meal she did.

Modeling Group

Liu Shuang from SEU,Zhou Yang from SCUT and Qiu Bitao from BGI working for the modelling

Liu Shuang: One of the smartest girl in our team, majoring in Mathematics and Application Mathematics.

Zhou Yang: Loves iGEM and working hard in modeling

Qiu Bitao: Studious


Prof. Dr. Yang Huanming: Advisor in safety and bio-ethic issues, iGEM judge.

Dr. Ni Ming: Advisor in systems biology and microfluidics.

Kang Kang: Team Instructor, project designer, iGEM judge.