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Sumbawagen iGEM Team


Sumbawagen iGEM Team



We would like to extend gratitude  for supporting our team  in iGEM project to :

1.Dr. Zulkifliemansyah, M. Sc (Rector of Sumbawa University of Technology)

For the opportunity, supports, patient and trust to our team

2.Dr. Arief Budi Witarto, Ph. D (Dean of Technobiology Faculty, SUT)

For the opportunity and trust

3.Prof. Koji Sode, PhD

For visiting our team and gave precious suggestions to improve our skill and motivation.

4.Dr. Tomohiko Yamazaki

For visiting our team and sharing experience about research skill.

5.Mr. Bugi Ratno Budiharjo, S.Si, M.Sc

For your participation during ‘Biotech Camp’ and ‘Biotechnology Competition 2’ in Sumbawa University of Technology.

6.Mr. Aka Kurnia SF, S.Ag

For taking nice pictures of our team.


For making our team wiki.

8.Ms. Dwi Ariyanti, S.Pt, M.Biotech and Ms. Maya Fitriana, S.Si

Our new instructors, for helping us finishing our project.

9.Government, students, and society of Sumbawa regency and West Sumbawa regency

For the participation in the survey for human practice project.

10.All staffs of Sumbawa University of Technology

For supporting us to finish our project.