Our team

  • Had a great summer
  • Planned to have fun at the Asia Jamboree
  • Wrote visible team wiki

  • Project

    • Submitted 19 parts
    • Improved 1 part
    • Designed and made 1 device
    • Established new, safe and convenient system to use Biobricks in a genome
    • Standardized above system for all other iGEMers
    • Made the complicated chain reactions course in E.coli genome
    • Experimentally checked that our device worked or not
    • Have some implication to safety, security and innovation
    • Designed more improved 3 devices
    • Designed "Genomic Kill Switch" in E.coli genome

    Human Practice&Safety

    • Collaborated with a lot of other iGEM teams
    • Helped the new iGEM team, TUPLS-Tokyo
    • Contributed to promote Synthetic Biology
    • Made an experimental safety check list
    • Took part in the lecture of experimental safety which our instructors held