The Whole Team

Proudly present: Tianjin 2013 iGEM Team!

From left to right:
The first Row: Xiaoke HUANG, Tianyu LIU, Yiran WANG
The Second Row: Yan WANG, Xiaona Ren, Yangning ZHANG, Qinyi Deng,Yue LIU
The Third Row:Yonghao GAO, Shengbo WU, Boxuan ZENG, Yingjin YUAN, Bingzhi LI, Runze Qin,
The fourth Row: Yang LI, Jianyu ZHUANG, Xuesong WEI, Yang WU, Su WANG, Shoujie SUN, Yangjunyi LI

Team Guidance



Prof. Yingjin YUAN

Professor Yingjin Yuan is the founder of iGEM Asia platform. He and MITworked together, and successfully promoted the iGEM in Asia. He is also one offist introducers of synthetic biology to China. He has been enthusiasticallysupporting since iGEM in Tianjin University since year one.

Dr. Bingzhi LI

Dr. Lireceived his Ph.D. degree in biochemical engineering from Tianjin Universityand has been on the faculty at Tianjin University School of ChemicalEngineering and Technology since 2010. He is the principle investigator for theprojects from NSFC, MOE of China, and involved in several programs from MOST ofChina. He joint the first iGEMcompetition and has been instructing Tianjin University iGEM teams since 2007.


Boxuan Zeng

Boxuan Zeng is a second year graduated school student of Bio-Chemical Engineering, who was also the founder and advisor of our project.

”iGEM is a big stage for us to share our idea to the world.”

——By Boxuan Zeng