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                <a href="#overview"><li><strong>What is synthetic biology?</strong></li></a>
                <a href=""><li><strong>Safety in the laboratoy</strong></li></a>
                <a href=""><li><strong>Safety in the laboratoy</strong></li></a>
                <a href=""><li><strong>Questionnaire on synthetic biology</strong></li></a>
                <a href=""><li><strong>Questionnaire on synthetic biology</strong></li></a>

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Team:Tokyo-NoKoGen -

Questionnaire on synthetic biology

We would like to thank all the people who helped us answer the questionnaire, we were able to get 85 replies by 2 p.m. on 27th of September. We prepared 21 questions to find out how people recognize synthetic biology.

Q1. Are you a male or a female?


The ratio is almost ideal!

Q2. What age are you?


Unfortunately, the ratio of generations is biased. This means that this questionnaire tend to reflect younger people's opinion.

Q3. Are you specialized in science or non-science?


Most of people are major in science.

Q4. Do you know synthetic biology?


Even though many people who involved in this questionnaire are major in science, it seems that the word "Synthetic biology" is unfamiliar.

Q5. If yes, how did you get to know about it?


Q6. What do you think Synthetic biology is about?


Q7. Do you know iGEM?


Q8. If yes, how do you know it?


Q9. How do you pronounce "iGEM"?


10. Where do you think the iGEM Jamboree is held?


Q11. What do you think is important in iGEM?


Q12. How many Japanese teams do you think participate iGEM?


Q13. How many teams do you think there are in the whole iGEM society?


Q14. What do you think of, when you hear "E. coli"?


Q15. What do you think of, when you hear "Genetic modification"?


Q16. Did you know that genetically modified E. coli can collect heavy metal ions?


Q17. Did you know that genetically modified E. coli can become luminescent?


Q18. Did you know that genetically modified E. coli can be regulated by light?


Q19. We bought a squid at a nearby supermarket. What do you think we did with them?


Q20. After this questionnaire, do you think synthetic biology is interesting?


Q21. Do you also feel that you want to participate iGEM competitiong?