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The lecture is mainly targeted at junior students, in which we talked about the details of our projects and shared our ideas about synthetic biology. Our lecture mainly contains three sections: In the first section, we mainly focus on the background information of our IGEM and synthetic biology. In the second section, we introduced our project, discussing how our four designed parts work together to convey our idea about evolution. To make it more convincing, we share some of our important data and conclusions. Inspiringly, we gather a lot of valuable suggestions on our projects through the discussion. In the third section, we played a short video which helps make our projects more perceptible and comprehensible. We also showed how to play the Synthetic Bio-farm game which was developed by our team to propagandize the concept of IGEM and BioBricks. The lecture was a huge success, which was praised widely by the participants, including several professors in the field.

The lecturer is introducing the main topic of our team--Evolution.