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Shipped Parts

We are happy to announce that we have successfully created several parts for Saccharomyces cerevisiae over the course of this summer!

This year we have continued last year's project and created parts that last year's team was not able to construct in time. However, last year's team had already created registry entries for their planned parts long before they had to realize that they had aimed way too high with their planning.

This year we decided to send in all our parts (which were designed mainly last year) under last year's registry numbers in order to actually stock these entries with DNA-parts. We did not want to create new parts since we did not want to clutter the registry with duplicates and redundancy.

In the end we have shipped 7 unique parts to the registry - since yeast specific parts are rather rare until now our parts will surely come in handy for any future projects that use S. cerevisiae as chassis organism.

Exemplary complete cellular overview of our modular measurement system inside a yeast cell.
MIG1 can be exchanged with ROX1, Psuc2 with Panb1, and mPR Dr with mPR Xl.
For more differentiated diagrams see Project > Overview.

See a list of our shipped parts here:

  • BBa_K950000: Promoter of FET3 (Pfet3) gene

    Pfet3 is a metalloregulated promoter of S. cerevisiae that is repressed by vertebrate progesterone receptors like mPR Dr or mPR Xl.

  • BBa_K950001: ROX1 gene

    ROX1 is a regulator protein (thus rox1 is a regulator gene) in yeast's oxygen dependend metabolic reactions. ROX1 represses the upstream region / promoter of the ANB1 gene thus can be used as an inverter. In nature, heme is a cofactor for this repression under aerobic conditions.

  • BBa_K950002: Promoter of ANB1 (Panb1) gene

    Panb1 is the promoter of the ANB1 gene. ROX1 represses ANB1 via Panb1 due to repeated operator sequences in the promoter.

  • BBa_K950003: Promoter of SUC2 (Psuc2) gene

    The SUC2 gene encodes invertase which is an important element of yeast's sucrose metabolism. SUC2's promoter has an operator sequence in the SUC2-A site where the regulator MIG1 can repress SUC2 expression.

  • BBa_K950006: Progesterone membrane receptor of Danio rerio (mPR Dr)

    D. rerio uses a progesterone membrane receptor in order to induce the first meiotic division in gametogenesis. mPR Dr is a G-protein coupled receptor from the progestin and AdipoQ-Receptor (PAQR) family.

  • BBa_K950007: Progesterone membrane receptor of Xenopus laevis (mPR Xl)

    X. laevis (like D. rerio) employs progesterone membrane receptors of the PAQR family in order to induce gametogenesis.

  • BBa_K950009: MIG1 gene

    MIG1 is a zinc-finger containing repressor protein with binding-sites in the SUC2 promoter (see above) thus can be used as an inverter. In nature, MIG1 regulates yeast's sucrose metabolism by repressing SUC2 (i.e. invertase) at high intracellular glucose levels.

Unfortunately, we could not construct our modified luciferase in time.


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