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<p class="body_text">Four detailed drawings of the Brain</p>
<p class="minor_title">Four detailed drawings of the Brain</p>

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The Creative Angle

Visual Art

How does the public interpret visually the invasion of synthetic biology into neuroscience?

We have heavily integrated visual art into our project, especially the website, to help engage the public and stage our ethical ideas. Our team includes two artists-in-residence who have helped design thought-provoking images.

This Gallery page exhibits primarily poster art pieces that have been created by team member Fong Yi Khoo. We have incorporated these art pieces into our project by using them as promotional posters, speed debate event posters, presentation and so on. You can find other art pieces created by our artists on every corner of our wiki page.

Normal Brain vs. Alzheimer's Brain

We used this main poster on our T-shirts and on our promotional material. It was imortant to show graphically the damage wrought on a brain by the onset of Alzheimer's Disease, and at the same time, display the vibrancy of the solution that we propose. The watercoulour blots are the figures of gial cells and their processes spreading through the brain. The dark mug from the brain mirrors its stem. It is round, like the figure of a closed circuit of our treatment (we do not propose that the transfected microglia should perpetuate themselves into the second generation). It symbolises the plasmid, and the marks of coffee mugs through the late nights we spent on the project.

The Brain - A Memory Bank?

How much do you know about how memories are stored in the brain? No-one really knows for sure, and the theories shared among Psychologists and Neuroscientists are far from common knowledge. At present, there are just under 500,000 people in the UK. We can't show with sores, or with injured limbs: something subtle, yet devastating is happening inside the skull. All that's clear is that the things which make us who we are steadily come apart.

Amyloid Plaque Invasion

Against the backdrop of damage shifting like heavy cloud through the tissues, what about the brain loss outside?

Homepage Piece

Brain Plaques

Synthetic Biology On Brain

The Biology that we engineer forces us to think of the machinery in very clear cut terms, but what of the consequences, how will it react?

Four detailed drawings of the Brain

Coronal section of a brain afflicted with Alzheimers (in pencil)

Coronal section of a healthy brain (in pencil)

Aspect of the left Cortex (in charcoal)

Saggital section of a healthy brain (in charcoal)

The Biology that we engineer forces us to think of the machinery in very clear cut terms, but what of the consequences, how will it react?