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<p class="major_title">October</p>
<p class="major_title">October</p>
<p class="minor_title">Week 18</p>
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Lab Weeks


Week 18

Monday 30th September

Ligated CMV with MMP9 and transformed into Top10 cells. These were subsequently plated on chloramphenicol plates.

Tuesday 1st October

Inoculated colonies from plates from September 30th.

Wednesday 2nd October

Performed miniprep and generated glycerol stock from incoluation on Oct 1st.

Proceeded with analytical digest and gel

Transformed CMV+MMP9 plasmid from Sinobiological into Top10 cells

Thursday 3nd October

Religated CMV with MMP9 and continued with transformation into Top10 cells.

Inoculated from plates of plasmid from Sinobiological

Friday 4th October

Performed miniprep, generation of glycerol stock on inoculation from Oct 3rd

Continued with analytical digest and gel