Lab Weeks


Week 7

Bacterial Lab

Monday 15th July

The team is introduced to the laboratories which will be used during the summer for both bacterial and mammalian experiments.

Tuesday 16th July

5X M9 salts, minimal agar, 1.4% molten agar solution and 0.1M CaCl2/15% glycerol were prepared for the generation of competent cells. Minimal agar plates were poured and streaked with W3110 Escherichia coli cells and left overnight to incubate at 37C.

Wednesday 17th July

Very little colony growth was observed from W3110 ''E.coli'' streaked plates. Plates were therefore left to incubate for a further 17 hours.

Thursday 18th July

Sufficient colony growth allowed for the selection of a single colony from each plate. This was then inoculated in 5ul LB media + 100ul 1M MgSO4 and left to incu-shake overnight at 37C.

Friday 19th July

Cultures re-suspended in new LB media and 100┬Ál aliquots placed into individual eppendorf tubes for placement at -80C.

Mammalian Lab

Wednesday 17th July

Mammalian cell culture and maintenance training by Mrs. Ludmilla Ruban. Passaged primary MEF (mouse embryonic fibroblast) cells. Passage 3.

Thursday 18th July

MEF passage 4

Friday 19th July

MEF passage 5