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What were the skies like when you were young?

They were beautiful, the most beautiful skies as a matter of fact. The sunsets were purple and red and yellow and on fire, and the clouds would catch the colours everywhere.

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It's been a good journey thus far with StJohn's expertise in primer design. I will always remember the special bond in the form of Facebook messages consisting of DNA codes and scientific papers. Wishing StJohn a wonderful year in Montreal!
The memories of family holidays when you are young are such a mix of emotive events. Stress, arguments, adventure, taking in the wondrous sights of a new place... For me, they are the best of memories, because they distil the essence of what family is and inspire a love for travel.
I am not religious, but there is something awe inspiring about cathedrals. I suppose that's the point. I've visited many, and treasure these memories because they are a safe place to retreat to when things in the present get hectic.
This is me and some incredible young people I had the pleasure of teaching for a week at a summer camp in Romania. For me, the whole experience is a reminder of how many good people there are in the world, and how knowing people for such a short amount of time can still yield the richest memories and life-long friendships.
Going to Namibia and watching the elephants around the waterhole at sunset. They were the most beautiful animals I had ever seen. I hope I never forget this image.
This is a picture that evokes one of the best days of my life. To me its pictorial form represents a day that will never be replicated and perhaps even an era that has come to pass.
Visiting America and seeing amazing places like NYC with my best friend who I met online. Amazing in every way, from exploring, to knowing that there are no barriers to meeting fantastic people who can bring happiness into our life.
This is a photo of me and my grandparents from when I was little. As a child,I used to spend my summer holiday at my grandparents and those moments were the best moments of my life, the single time when I was truly happy day after day. I've never been as happy as then. Certainly I don't want to forget these memories! I want to keep those memories alive as well as my grandfather's image,who passed away a long time ago. Hope I will be able to cherish my childhood memories till my dying day.
Memories are whey are because of the people you share them with
This is my favourite object. Its special because it reminds me of personal discovery and surprise, and how surprises occur constantly, even in old environments.
This was the beginning of my time at uni. It was my first week with people who would become great friends. I've loved my time at uni and this photo reminds me of some the amazing times I have had there.
There is something mesmerizing about this place; I felt free and honored to be able to witness it.
Going home from hospital with my two lovely babies and my wonderful husband.
A time when life was fun, frivolous and uncomplicated!
Perfect day celebrating birthday and public holiday with friends and family in a gorgeous setting and the knowledge that I was newly pregnant with my son!
There's a cliff thats particularly soft and green. Underneath there's dark slate shattered everywhere and its nosey and dangerous, but when you lie down its silent, and the softness of the moss muffles everything so all you can see is the sky- even the wind just misses your face. Its the perfect place to just be.
It represents ambition, the past and the future.
The perpetual cocktail party.
The annual bonfire night gathering. The air was always so cold and crisp and nipped at our rosy little cheeks
My sister and I when we were toddlers.
2011, wild winter which I missed, but below the upsetting snow there are the stairs of my childhood which were climbed up and down for so many times by me and my father.
My most treasured memory. Having fun with a group of awesome people in a whole, as one family. <3
My one and only
My prom with my beloved one.
We went to Miss Kiew's house on her 18th birthday cause we are irreplaceable friends. ;P we da bombs. Went there and bully her. As usual. 😂
Leo Forum 2013
Every moment spent with my family is worth remembering.
Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget.
Why is this memory so special to you?
Life-changing experience on a student exchange programme all the way to Melbourne, Australia.
Missing the fun and adventurous times with the best mates!
Dubrovnik 2012 - this was the view from our bedroom window!
The beginning of the first story I ever wrote: early 1970s Bermondsey shines through. The place has changed.
When young, I was often taken to see the high cliffs at Beachy Head. I would throw the stones hard. One time the tide had rushed in to the foot of the cliff and I thought the water looked like flames.
I used to sell had-drawn T-shirts around the markets in London. As time passed, hare-brained messes like this became rarer. Good fun though!
Aged 7, around the street there was a dirty greenhouse packed with Cacti in the small concrete front garden. One time, some vandals smashed it, so when my parents weren't looking, I leant over the fence at the maw of the cactus. It looked quite like this.
The island of La Graciosa, by Lanzarote. This is the first time I had ever seen such a deserted place. The wind was horribly strong, so the waves and foam were brightly lit by the sun. It looked like a scene from Walking with Dinosaurs.
His name is Domo and he has a friend called Axalotyl. He travels with me everywhere. Like me, he needs glasses because his eyes are minute and way too far apart.
Recently, I walked out of London, due Southeast on a hot summer's day. When the Voyager probe left the solar system, it took a final look at the planets which were splayed across the sky like London's new glass towers are over this cornfield.
One of my first gigs. I played to dinosaurs and whalebones.
When I slept here was terrified of the sound of rushing water. There were lots of strange weeds growing out of the cracks in in the foundations.
My first year in University, I would run out of the halls and up primrose hill. I had a choice at this stage whether I took the hill steeply or gently, but I was getting a weird mix of runner's high and sleep deprivation. This would be the place I'd aim for.
I get to this bit of the road on the way home, and I'd always be astonished by how grey it was. Look at it! They must have tried so hard!
This is the worst flat I ever lived in. I think I was almost electrocuted here.
On a bike by the lake just outside outside Beijing. It was completely still and the heat was oppressive. Shortly after I took this, an enormous fish (no idea what kind) leapt clean out of the water.
I had a day off work, so I spent a day reading a book watching people various people sleep on this bench.
This was from an extraordinary museum. It made me think of the circle of life. It lined a cast bronze bottle and it was lit by cream coloured lighting.
I camped in Cornwall and for the first time I saw vegetable grown on an industrial scale. That night, I dreamt of bins full of cauliflowers.
The one and only time I went to a large commercial music festival. It was in Ireland, so it was a mud bath. People fought in the mud. I wore a black coat, black trousers and black boots, and I realised to my surprise that people found me attractive...
Shanghai is the most stupidly large city I have ever seen. Until I saw it, Paris and London seemed like the centre of the world. I sat half awake in that jam and felt that shock for at least an hour.
One morning, just after the london riots, I was furious. Really furious and helpless, and I was essentially under curfew, so I went to Brighton. I knew the dawn was beautiful, but right then, those contrails looked like fish guts.
I saw a Van Gough like crow field. Silly but true.
I joined the Trinis in the Notting Hill Carnival. We threw chocolate milk about and sang until our throats ached as we went around the corner down Ladbroke Grove.
In Glasgow, the towers look like gravestones. I was recommended this place by the tourist office in midwinter. It was miserable, and this is about the only time I ever felt homesick.
From the depths of Dungeness. "Blue lines" by Massive Attack was blaring out of the hut just by me. I found the skeleton of this crab claw in the crunchy gravel and put it on a rusted iron box in front of the Power station. That felt perfect.
This is a stash of heavy iron balls I found in my garden in Plymouth. That's history.
Comments: I was dressed funny out on the rocks of Dun Laoghaire in Dublin bay. A wolfhound and a golden retriever walked calmly and gingerly over the rocks. I was after finding someone as serene walking the coast path. She looked a good bet, but she gave me a hard stare.
There was a sofa outside in the graveyard, knew it was going to go mouldy, but the summer was still young. There was even a small firepit. I wanted to show my girlfriend. One night some sausagehead let the whole thing burn. Nothing left but melted plastic and small resealable bags.
My brother found a pig mask, so we set out to do Halloween properly. I wore a hollowed pumpkin over my head, speared with marshmallows, candles and wet twigs. My friend wore a morph suit. He fed me a Favorite Chicken burger through my pumpkin-flap. We took the bus to Lewisham and paced the top of Blackheath. My candles hardly lit.
Camping. We made a nasty lunch out of the remaining food and we sat among the bracken and some of us got sunburnt. We had a speaker, so we listened to Satie's Gnossiennes and Brand New Second Hand. The trees looked more than just alive: they were out to get us. Some guys from the village fired spud guns at us.
The Council planted sunflowers in the park. - A special year.
If you have never had fresh noodles before, they are the most extraordinary thing. Try it.
It was when I saw it in a snowstorm that I realised what an effort of will Peckham is.