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1st October

Darren visited us in the Mammalian Lab and gave us the CMV-MMP9 control plasmid.

2nd October

The entire team met Darren to rehearse the presentation for the Jamboree in Lyon.

3rd October

Robin took charge of the collaboration on Modelling for Westminster iGEM team.

FYi finalised the circuit drawing which was mounted on the Wiki. The digestion of cmv+MMP9 recombinant plasmid showed promising results.

4th October

The official UCL team shirts were collected.

The team reunited at Robin's in order to upload the remaining wiki content before the wiki freeze at 4:59 am.

We also took advantage of this event and had our group photo taken with all of us wearing our brand new Spotless mind T-shirts! We also included Stjohn's photo who wasn't able to be with us tonight but with whom we'll be finally reunited in Lyon! Yey!