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Alex Bates

BSc Neuroscience. Being a first year neuroscience student, I was keen to combine my newfound neurobiological knowledge with my nascent interest in synthetic biology. My role is to ground the project in good neuroscience, and conduct wet-lab, bioinformatics and neuroethics work. For me, iGEM is an opportunity to conceive of something truly meaningful and help bring it, quite literally, to life.

Tom Johnson

MEng Biochemical Enginering. 2013/4 Co-president of SynBioSoc. Hobbies include football (FFC) and motorsport. Coordinator of social thursdays and cultural tuesdays. Attributions primarily include design and execution of bacterial based laboratory experiments and recording of the lab and general diaries throughout the campaign with responsibility for safety of laboratory experiments.

Weiling Yuan

MEng Biochemical Engineering. A first year Biochemical Engineering student, interested in synthetic biology, genetic engineering and the human body. I am fascinated by the interdisciplinary nature of iGEM by using a combination of creativity, engineering and science to solve world problems. I am primarily involved in bacterial laboratory work, human practices and company sponsorship.

Fong Yi Khoo

BSc Architectural Studies. Now a third-year, I love being thrown in the mad, mad world of art. UCL iGEM has allowed me to be creative but also learn how to blend both art and science. I am working on illustrations, promotional posters, occasional website design and photography.

KhaiCheng Kiew

BSc Biochemistry. I am a second-year biochemist interested in medical synthetic biology, gene control and molecular biology. My role in the project is circuit characterisation, experimental design, mammalian lab work and public relations. I enjoy picnics, travelling and have an unfathomable passion for food and 70% ethanol.

Ruxi Comisel

BSc Biochemistry. Second year biochemist, interested in synthetic biology as a tool to tackling medical dilemmas. This project answered my preference and resonated with my coming third year research work on Biology of ageing. I’m holding dear topics such as cell regulation and gene expression and my roles in the project are circuit characterisation and bacterial and mammalian lab work.

Catrin Sohrabi

BSc Biomedical Science. 2nd year Biomedical Scientist. I enjoy applying synthetic biology principles in a practical environment. Responsibilities include biobrick construction, work within the bacterial lab and recording of the virtual lab book. I have a passion for baking (carrot cake) and enjoy chopping evil trees.

Andy Cheng

BSc Biomedical Science. As a first year Biomedical Scientist, I am very excited to apply a synthetic biology route towards treating medical disorders. In iGEM, my responsibilities include biobrick construction and coordinating human practices.

Oran Maguire

Bsc Human Sciences. Moving into the third year of this degree, I have chosen to focus on neuroscience. I am primarily involved in the design of the website, in providing illustrations and in the redrafting of written work. I also observe and assist in the Bacterial labs.

Robin Herd

MSci Natural Sciences. As a physical scientist, I will be providing computational support in two forms: modelling and website implementation. I am creating a three-dimensional simulation of the brain which will assist lab work by providing estimates for a number of values, and I am working closely with the team’s artists to create the team website.

StJohn Townsend

MSci Genetics. I am a second year geneticist, with a love for SynBio. My roles in the team have been to design the circuit, new parts, and work in both the bacterial and mammalian labs. Hobbies include obscene amounts of primer design and killing vast quantities of HeLa cells.