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Veronica Zepeda

This is Veronica's third year working with the UCSF iGEM team! She was a graduate student in the Cate Lab at UC Berkeley and has been involved in science education and outreach for many years.

Kara Helmke

Kara is a finishing graduate student in the Heald lab at UC Berkeley, and this is her first year, of many to come, working with the iGEM team. As a cell biologist and microscopist, the field of synthetic biology has been both challenging and exciting for her to learn about alongside the students.

Wendell Lim

Wendell has had a lab at UCSF for over 15 years and has been an adviser to the UCSF team since it started in 2007. He enjoys working with bright, open-minded young scientists and seeing their ideas develop into scientific projects.

Connie Lee

Connie is the Associate Director for the Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology. She is a cell biologist by training and has spent the last 11 years working as a scientific editor, most recently as Deputy Editor at Cell. She enjoys being back in an academic environment and interacting with the iGEM team throughout the summer.

Suzi LeBaron

Suzi teaches Anatomy and Physiology and AP Bio at Oakland High School. She helped the team work on their presentation and communications skills this summer as well as advised the team on their Human Practices projects.