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Everyone in the team contributed to make our project possible!

Throughout the entire summer, each student had specific jobs that contributed to our project. In order to accomplish our goals, the individual students all came together to work as a team.
At the beginning of the summer, everyone came together in the research and brain storming that eventually ended up with the conjugation and syntethic circuit project. Every Monday, everyone had to attend a group meeting with their own slides and present a weekly update to both the students and the mentor on their weekly progress. Also, the team worked together in order to set up and execute the Exploratorium project successfully for our human practices.

  • For the Lincoln Project, all of the recently graduated Lincoln students worked on the project along with Kendall Kearns and Priyanka Dadlani.

  • Priyanka Dadlani was the leader of the modeling components for both of our projects. She led the majority of the modeling for the projects and worked on designing the appropriate parameters for the project. Priyanka also worked on the human practices aspect of the project by creating writing the description and helping to organize the content for the website.

  • David Dinh was in charge of submitting the required parts to the iGEM parts registry. David, Verna Huang, Kendall Kearns, and Sherry Teng worked together in creating the parts and building the cassettes necessary for the conjugation project. David led the team in the collaboration projects the team participated in over the summer. He also cloned the pBAD promoter at the beginning of the summer.

  • Ian Ergui and Felicity Jika specifically worked on cloning parts for the synthetic circuit project. They worked together on inserting the gRNAs for XylE and LacZ into the pCOLA plasmid as well as inserting the XylE and LacZ gene in the pCOLA plasmid. Ian also worked on the primers for the GFP cassette for the conjugation project

  • Derrick Lee worked on the creation of plasmid A for the synthetic circuit by inserting the GFP & RFP and the gRNAs for both of the fluorescent proteins. Later in the summer, Derrick Lee & Eric Wong worked together on the conjugation assay and testing the conjugation rate between the JM109 and S17-1. Derrick Lee also worked on modeling the synthetic circuit project.

  • Sherry Teng worked mostly on cloning the dCas9 that was required in both of the projects. At the beginning of the summer, Sherry cloned the pTet promoter. She and Kendall Kearns worked on creating the RFP cassette for the conjugation project. Sherry also worked on modeling the synthetic circuit.

  • Eric Wong worked on designing and conducting the promoter assay for the synthetic circuit so that the promoters we used in the circuit would be better characterized. He also played a critical part in the conjugation assay and worked with Derrick Lee to design and conduct this assay.

  • Verna led the team in designing the "knock-in" of the cassettes for the conjugation project. She also cloned the pLac promoters and created the LacZ and XylE gRNAs for the synthetic circuit project. She and Ji Weiyue worked together on the conjugation assay, particularly in testing to see if the conjugation was successful and if the strains were producing the desired fluorescent colors. Verna worked on analyzing the colonies of the conjugation project through microscopy. She also worked on the modeling for the conjugation project.

  • Ji Weiyue (Lily) worked on basic layout of the website and eventually created the final design of our website. Lily worked on the data analysis for both of the projects and helped analyze and graphically present the data for both of the projects. She collected data from the conjugation project through the use of flow cytometry. Lily played a leading role in modifying the promoter’s affinity for the synthetic circuit project by cloning various repressor binding sites.

  • Kendall Kearns worked on the GFP cassette for the conjugation project. She and Verna Huang worked together on the conjugation assay and the fluorescent "knock-in" cassettes. She also inserted the pLac and pTet promoters into plasmid A of the circuit project. Kendall stepped up to design and conduct assays on the circuit, in addition to playing a critical role in modeling and analyzing data from the synthetic circuit.

  • Each student had different roles in providing the content for the wiki page and our coordinators, Veronica Zepeda and Kara Helmke, helped upload the content to the webpage.