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Sponsor Us!

When we, GeneHackers, heard about iGEM, we were excited to be able to recruit and meet new people with similar interests, delve into a topic that interests us, and have the freedom and responsibility of running our own student-run lab. The University of Chicago had not participated in iGEM since 2009 and we were eager to be the first team in four years.

As excited as we were to address a pressing industrial and environmental issue, we were at a disadvantage in terms of time. We began recruiting in the spring, but had trouble securing a lab space and funding. Nonetheless, our advisors encouraged us to move forward with the project to gain valuable experience for future years. After a myriad of emails and phone calls, we managed to raise $11, 650 in a matter of weeks. For that we are immensely grateful to student government, the dean’s fund, Dr. Kron, and the Institute of Molecular Engineering. We also were able to secure generous equipment donations from Greiner Bio One, New England Bio Labs, and Sarstedt. Within a couple of months we had managed to set up a team with funding!

We had some trouble finding a place to do our benchwork, so we took to doing experiments in our own labs. The Kron Lab was particularly accommodating. With a bit of negotiating, we finally secured lab space in the Biological Sciences Learning Center at the end of June. Our team attended several safety meetings, but the aforementioned time constraints meant the IBC protocol approval process was delayed. With the delayed funding, the delivery of reagents was also delayed. Fortunately, we were lucky to have recruited a tenacious team and as soon as we had the proper reagents and permissions, everybody started working on the project every morning and evening, before and after our normal lab jobs.

Despite our setbacks in the lab, we have gained experience on how to form a team, acquire funding, secure lab space, and run an organized lab. Armed with newfound experience, we are eagerly anticipating next year’s iGEM competition. In order to have a head start and recruit the best team possible, we will need your help!

If you would like to sponsor our team please make a donation by clicking the button below.

Under Area of Giving, select “ORCSA-Student Activities” and in the “special instructions” section at the bottom, note that the donation is for GeneHackers. Thanks very much!

If you would like to join our team, feel free to contact us :D