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Human Practice

Our human practice mainly focused on the mission to socialize synthetic biology from some different perspective. We decided High School Students to be our main target since they are the young generation who will rule the future. Synthetic biology depends on the people who used it. Hence, describing some different perspective about it will give a big impact to their decision in defining synthetic biology.

Students targeted are students in High School around Jakarta. Their knowledge are about higher than other area, and synthetic biology facilities in those area are provided fairly. Hence, they have a big probability to deal with synthetic biology in the future. We have designed our human practice so that the students will get information directly in balance. We decided to use a simple learning kit we made by ourselves, to explain our project and also synthetic biology. The kit produced created simply so High School teacher will be able to use it in the class, for the next students in the next years.

In human practice, we also gather opinions and suggestions from the expert in synthetic biology to be discussed and illustrate synthetic biology in a whole. We will also use those opinions to fill the gap between student’s knowledge and complexity of our project. We also use artificial options to present the big impact of our project specifically, and synthetic biology generally. Not in order to make a good opinion about it, but to build a fair perspective about it.