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The Great Team

Team Description:


Dr. dr. Budiman Bela, Sp.MK (K)

Head of Clinical Microbiology laboratory at Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia.

Drs. Abinawanto, M.Si

Head of Genetics laboratory at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Indonesia.


Muhammad Hanifi (Medicine, ’11)

The leader of the group. Sing along to each and every song on the radio while we’re working in the lab. Even though sometimes he does not know the lyrics. Or the melody. Or both.

Achmad Danny Gazali (Biology, ’10)

The movie maker. Records and takes pics of our activities. Has the Yao Ming-meme-face when laughing.

Dwiantari Satyapertiwi (Chemical Engineering, ’11)

The maker of this page.The other members don’t know what I’m writing, so, the information provided here may or may not be accurate ;)

Mohamad Teguh Gumelar (Bioprocess Technology, ’11)

The naïve one. Constantly got tricked by the other members. Takes lots, yes, LOTS of selfies.

Putu Ayuwidia Ekaputri (Medicine, ’10)

The random Sanguine. Takes bus alone to her birthplace (approximately 3 hours from her current address), on her birthday, just to take picture of herself in front of the hospital she was born in. And it’s unplanned.

Rahdi Dewin Marzaini (Medicine, ’11)

The linguist. Or maybe language maniac. Knows maybe 10 languages apart from his mother tongue. Found his soulmate in High School, who is no other than...Achmad Danny Gazali.

Taufik Hidayat Abdullah (Bioprocess Technology, ’11)

The web designer. Also the main personnel in the lab. The one who has the best “bench-flip” expression.

Wisnu Tafroji (Biology, ’10)

The one who is worried about ripping more than two pairs of gloves everytime he enters the lab.