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All wetlab research and experiment was done by the undergraduates of the 2013 UIUC-Illinois iGEM team.

The University of Illinois iGEM team would like to thank the following individuals for their expertise in the genes, pathways, and bacteria we targeted for our project. The use of their publications was essential in the development of our project.

CBCwv, Transporter Cbc, CaiX Research:
Chillang Chen, Iowa State University
Adel A. Malek, Dartmouth Medical School
Matthew J. Wargo, Dartmouth Medical School and University of Vermont
Deborah a. Hogan, Dartmouth Medical School
Gwyn A. Beattie, Iowa State University
Niraj H. Tolia, Keck Structural Biology Laboratory, New York
Leemor Joshua-Tor, Structural Biology Laboratory, New York

L-carnitine and Choline Research:
Carlo Tallarico, Industrie Farmaceutiche Riunite
Silvia Pace, Industrie Farmaceutiche Riunite
Antonio Longo, Industrie Farmaceutiche Rinunite
Clemens Uanschou, University of Vienna
Roswitha Frieht, University of Vienna
Fritz Pittner, University of Vienna
Rain M Kappes, Philipps University
Erhard Bremer, Philipps University

Bacteria and gDNA:
Dr. Erhard Bermer
Dr. Gee Lau

We would like to thank Dr. Soo Rin Kim, Dr. Yong-Su Jin, Dr. C.V. Rao, Todd Freestone, and Michelle Goettge for continuous support throughout the year and providing expertise in bacterial mechanisms and assay troubleshooting, donating materials, and presentation advice. Thank you Ahmet Badur and Kori Dunn for assistance in primer design and troubleshooting. In addition, we would like to thank Dr. Ting Lu, Bob Chen, Uros Kuzmanovic, Cara Schornak, and all of the members of the Jin Lab for continuous help and support throughout the length of our project.

Institute for Genomic Biology
We would like to thank IGB Director Dr. Gene Robinson and the Biocomplexity theme for donating lab space to our team for use during the summer and fall terms. We would also like to thank Melissa McKillip for tracking our financials, coordinating logistics, and extending communications to outside resources.

Human Practices
Thank you to Dr. Jennifer Amos, Dr. Hahil Sobh, and Asha Kirchhoff for support in our outreach campaign by letting us share our project with prospective scientists and the National Science Foundation.

Wiki Assistance
Finally, we would like to extend a large thank you to our wiki masters Jacob Calvert and Logan Marlow, as well as wiki design artist Marian Jorda. This site would not be made possible without the very generous contributions of these undergraduates. Check out their websites for all of their amazing work.