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{ "date" : "2013-06-07", "author" : "thomas-emil", "title" : "Second SAMsynthase extraction attempt - TOO SAD", "content" : "Since we didn't obtained our product using the Phusion PCR, we tried again to amplify the SAMsynthase gene from an extract of E.coli genomic DNA (strain MG1655). In order to do that we exploited the same primers used in our previous attempt (see 06-06-2013).For the protocol used see the RBC Taq PCR protocol..When the reaction finished, we tested the presence of the aplificate product througt an electrophoresis analisys (adding 2 µl of LD for 10 µl of DNA).Results:

As you can see from our gel image, our product is present in both reactions (TAQ and TAQ+Phusion).After purifying our products we find out that the concentration of DNA that we obtained is too low (about 5ng/ul) maybe for an experimental error in setting the PCR program. For this reason, our team is going to redo the PCR reaction again.", "tags" : "SAMsynthetase" }