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{ "date" : "2013-06-11", "author" : "emil-fabio", "title" : "", "content" : "

Inoculum of three B.subtilis backbone
We have done the inoculum of three Bacillus-specific backbone (previously transformed in NEB and plated on Ampicillin LB Agar) in 19 50ml Falcon- 7 with the part BBa_K823023- 6 with the part BBa_K823022- 6 with the part BBa_K823027The Falcons were put in the incubator at 37 °C o/n.
Digestion of SAMsynthetase and psB1C3
We have digested the SAMsynthetase gene (previously amplificated and purificated)and the linerarized vector psB1C3 with the enzyme Xba1 and Pst1 exploiting the same protocol. Then we have incubated the mix at 37C o/n.", "tags" : "SAMsynthetase-pSBBs1C-pSBBs4S-pSBBs2E" }