{ "date" : "2013-06-12", "author" : "emil-fabio", "title" : "Purification and verification of three Bacillus backbonesg", "content" : "We have done the miniprep of the three backbone exploiting the Kit from Promega.N.B.Some sample have shown an unexpected red color. There is the possibilities that some backbones contain the RFP, maybe all. We have quantified the products with the following results:BBa_K823023(4 sample):220 ng/μl , 228.9 ng/μl ,246.4 ng/μl , 272.3 ng/μlBBa_K823022(3 sample): 222.8 ng/μl , 227.5 ng/μl ,284.9 ng/μlBBa_K823027(2 sample):268 ng/μl , 299.3 ng/μlThen we have tried to verify the parts digesting with EcoR1 and Pst1 and doing an electrophoresis, unfortunately it seems that we didn't load the marker Fermentas 1 KB.", "tags" : "pSBBs1C-pSBBs4S-pSBBs2E" }