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{ "date" : "2013-06-22", "author" : "thomas", "title" : "Minipreps and screening of AraCpBAD + EFE (in pSB1C3)", "content" : "Starting from the inocula of yesterday, I did minipreps following this protocol.

Quantification results
1:1 Plate1 n°11201,5
1:1 Plate1 n°21620,5
1:2 Plate1 n°1969,8
1:4 Plate1 n°1636,3
1:1 Plate2 n°1672,8
1:1 Plate2 n°21222,5
1:2 Plate2 n°1782,0
1:4 Plate2 n°1705,3
As you can see we obtained a set of very high concentrations. We proceeded then with the screening test. To do that we digested 800 ng of DNA with EcorI and PstI following the screening digestion protocol. In the end we prepared the sample for an electrophoresis analysis.
As you can see, 6 samples out of 8 have the expected bands: 2070bp for the vector and 2300bp for AraCpBAD.", "tags" : "EFE-AraCpBAD" }