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{ "date" : "2013-06-20", "author" : "thomas-viola", "title" : "Cloning of AraCpBAD (in pSB1C3) + EFE (in Puc57)", "content" : "We started digesting 500 ng of AraCpBAD in pSB1C3 with the SpeI and PstI and 500 ng of EFE in Puc57 with XbaI and PstI following digestion for Biobricks protocol.

For the digested vector (AraCpBAD), we incubated the part for one hour at 37°C with the SAP phosphatase before disactivating the enzymes.

We then preceeded by ligating and transforming the two parts in competent NEB10b cells following the ligation protocol for Biobricks .
We decided to do that in duplicate and with different ratios plasmid:insert (ctrl, 1:1, 1:2, 1:4) obtaining so 8 reactions.
Results: as you can see from the pictures, we there are only few colonies in the control so we hope our construct is correctly cloned. The next step will be the inocula and the screening test.

", "tags" : "AraCpBAD-EFE" }