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{ "date" : "2013-06-21", "author" : "fabio-bruno", "title" : "bacillus subtilis promoters and plasmids (part 6)!!", "content" : " The last battle!!! Today we screened successfully three parts, K823003, K823002, K143012 . We used a brand new formula: first of all we digested 1500 ng of DNA in 50 ul. Then we changed the gel composition (1,5 % agarose, 3,5 ul of etidium bromide in 35 ml of gel). Finally we loaded the 100 bp marker along with the 1000kb marker and the parts with a loading dye missing of the dye ( 30% glicerole solution instead). We put this unusual gel in the electrophoresis chamber for 20 minutes. We obtained dim but still present traces.In the afternoon we extracted a new Bacillus promoter (PliaI, K823001) from 2013 registry kit (plate 1 20c) and transformed both in 100 ul of NEB10b and NEB5a.We also did the inocula for the parts plated yesterday.", "tags" : " Pveg-PliaG-PlepA-plasmidPxil-plasmidPspac-Plial" }