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{ "date" : "2013-06-25", "author" : "caterina-michele", "title" : "The final device: BBa_J45320(placI and PchBA)+ BBa_K1065101(araC-pBAD promoter and BMST1) in pSB1C3", "content" : " We performed the digestion and the ligation on:1a)BBa_K1065101 with EcoR I and Xba I and1b)BBa_J45320 with EcoR I and Spt I to obtain the complete device BBa_K1065102(placI+PchBA+araC-pBAD promoter+BMST1 in pSB1C3)2a)pSB1C3 linearized with EcoR I and Pst I2b)BBa_J45320 with EcoR I and Pst Ito obtain the device BBa_K1065103 (placI+PchBA in pSB1C3).At the end of the day we did the trasformaion in NEB10β cells. Waiting for the results...break a leg! ", "tags" : "PchBA-BMST1-araC-pBAD" }