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{ "date" : "2013-06-26", "author" : "caterina-michele", "title" : "Don't Trust few colonies!!!", "content" : " The results of the transformations were not so good. We've only few colonies on each plate (only on Michele's control there were many colonies!). Despite this, we've decided to do inocula of some colonies in the afternoon. On the rest of the day Michele tried two different PCRs to obtain pSB1C3 linearized (someone stole his supplies!!). Obviously no results (immagini gel?). Caterina repeated the digstion but she used two differents type of ligase for the reaction of ligation. At the end of the day she transformed Nebα with these new products of ligation. ", "tags" : "PchBA-BMST1-araC-pBAD" }