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{"date" : "2013-07-02","author" : "emil","title" : "Purification of the digestion products (K823026, K823024, E0840) ligation of the GFP in the 2 backbones and transformation of the ligation products ","content" : "This morning I added 1µl of DPN1 to the GFP ligation and 1µl of SAP(alkaline phosphatase) to the 2 backbones.After 1h 30 min I have stopped the reaction by putting the reaction tubes at 80 C°.Afterwards I have purified the products following the purification protocol.Then I quantified the products with the following results:

BBa_E0840 15.8ng/µl
BBa_K823026 37.6ng/µl
BBa_K823024 36.4ng/µl
Then I performed the ligation(1:1,1:3,CTRL) of the GFP with the 2 backbone individually and following the ligation protocol.Finally I transformed 10µl of the ligation protocol in Neb10β and plate them on ampicillin LB agar following the transformation protocol.","tags" : "E0840-K823026-K823024"}