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{"date" : "2013-07-03","author" : "emil","title" : " Inocula of the plate with the product of ligation and retransformation of the ligation products ","content" : " I observed the plates but unfortunately there were some colonies also in the control (perhaps it was due to degradation of ampicillin when it was added to LB agar too hot) so I have decided to re-transform the products of ligation left following the transformation protocol.These are the results of the plate:

Moreover I did the inocula of the old plate(3 for K823026+E0840 1:1,3 for K823026+E0840 1:3,3 for K823024+E0840 1:1,3 for K823024+E0840 1:3) in 5 mL of LB with Ampicillin(1:1000).","tags" : "K832024-K823026-E0840"}