{"date" : "2013-07-04","author" : "thomas","title" : "Ethylene production kinetic assay","content" : "In order to see the progress of the production of ethylene in time, 7 ml of culture were grown until O.D. 600 reached 0,5. The culture was then induced with 70 ul arabinose (5mM) and putted with a stirrer into a sealed tube with a pierceable septum. The tube was then connected to the Micro GC (Agilent 3000A) and immersed in a thermal bath at 37°C with magnetic stirring. A measurment was taken every hour for 8 hours. The results were not so exciting. The colony didn't produce any level ethylene and we have no idea why. Maybe the colony from which the inocula were done wasn't the right one. I'll try the experiment again the next monday!

","tags" : "EFE"}