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{ "date" : "2013-07-10", "author" : "fabio", "title" : " ripenator v1.0 ", "content" : " this morning, Bruno is not available, so I will take care of the ripenator. I have to replace all the cultures with new LB and new bacteria : Iā€™m gonna put 300 ml of LB in each beutas, then connect immediately a beuta with LB and 3ml of not-induced bacteria to the control banana!! After that, I will dissolve 78 ul of MESA in the second beuta and connect to the blocked banana! As far as the ethylene sample is concerned, I have to put 3 ml of bacteria in the last beuta, wait for the OD lecture to reach the value of 0,5 and then induce the culture with Arabinose to produce Ethylene! Finally I can connect it with the mature banana. ", "tags" : " ripenator-mesa-ethylene " }