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{"date" : "2013-07-10","author" : "emil","title" : " Purification of Inocula(09/7): the final countdown","content" : "I (yes I'm egocentric) did the miniprep(wath a new thing!) of the inocula(I didn't purified the 1:2 due to their despicable red color) previously done(the last I hope) following(is always the same but I have to write it anyway)the miniprep protocol(OOOH!that's incredible!).These are(obviously)the results of the quantification:

BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:1) 421.3ng/µl
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:1) 438.6ng/µl
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:3) 356.7ng/µl
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:3) 415.2ng/µl
BBa_K823024+BBa_E0840 401.2ng/µl
BBa_K823024+BBa_E0840 365ng/µl
Afterwards I screened them(800 ng for each sample) following the digestion protocol so I have obtained these results:
gel order
ladder 1
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:1) 2
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:1) 3
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:3) 4
BBa_K823026+BBa_E0840(1:3) 5
BBa_K823024+BBa_E0840 6
BBa_K823024+BBa_E0840 7
As we can see in the last 4 samples the lower band is clearly at 1000 bp then the GFP is probably present, the succesfull samples were sent to be sequenced!","tags" : "pSpac-PXyl-GFP"}