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{"date" : "2013-07-22","author" : "fabio","title" : " blue and red light sensors!!","content" : " let’s get ready to screen!! This time I amplified my parts by pcr them out with OneTaq polymerase!! I started from the blue promoter (number A from the firt set). Pcr sample composition:
5X Onetaq standard reaction buffer 10 ul
10 mM dNTPs 1 ul
Forward primer 1ul
Reverse primer 1 ul
One Taq 0.25
Phusion 0.3
Template 0.5
Water up to 50 ul
Pcr program values:
Initial digestion: 94° 2min
Digestion: 94 30 sec
Annealing: 60 1 min
Annealing: 68° 15 sec
Final extention: 68° 5 min
(30 cycles from step 3 to step 5)
The screening was successful :

Finally I purified the PCR and abtained a 209,8 ng/ul yieald.Meanwhile I started thinking about the ligation of the two blue parts: the idea is to use k592016 as plasmid and k592006 as an insert to put downstream . So I had to digest o/n 3 ug of 016(from the first set) with Spel and Pstl, and 006( the purified Pcr) with Xbal and Pstl. At the same time I digested R0010 with Ecorl and Spel, cause I’ll need to put it on top of everything once I have my biobrick.","tags" : " YF1_FixJ - FixK2- ho1_PcyA_cph8-OmpR"}