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{"date" : "2013-07-24","author" : "fabio-bruno","title" : " the blue ligation: the never ending story !","content" : "Today I inoculated 6 colonies of the plated ligation ( 3 from the 1:1 plate and 2 from the 1:3 plate)
I also made the Onetaq Pcr for all the light parts ( blue device,the b sample from the first set; red device, from the third set; and red promoter, from the third set).
After that I screened them all and found out that only the blue part was confirmed: up to now we only have the blue parts confirmed!! Red parts , it seems to me that you’re in hot waters !!

","tags" : " YF1_FixJ - FixK2- ho1_PcyA_cph8-OmpR"}