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{"date" : "2013-07-24","author" : "thomas","title" : "Screening of AraC-pBAD + EFE + Venus","content" : "This is the part five of this experiment. I proceeded with a miniprep purification of the previously prepared inocula and a screening digestion in order to verify the construct.

Quantification Results
A from ligation 1:1 852.6 ng/ul
B from ligation 1:1 1123 ng/ul
C from ligation 1:4 685.8 ng/ul
D from ligation 1:42128.3 ng/ul
E from ligation 1:1 1760 ng/ul
A from ligation 1:1 852.6 ng/ul

As you can see from the gel image, only one sample seems to confirm our fusion protein and will be sent for sequencing. Lane 4: insert 3024 bp, vector 2070 bp. Kapa universal ladder was adopted.","tags" : "EFE-Venus"}