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{ "date" : "2013-08-13", "author" : "fabio", "title" : " blue light induction", "content" : " today I made some dilutions 1:100 from the inocula, to have 3 cultures (200 ml) for the experiment: one will be induced with blue light, the other two are control sample, the fors exposed to standard light, the last one will stay “alone in the dark”. I started the experiment when the dilution cultures reached 0.7 OD. After 4 ours from the beginning of the induction I took 10 ml from the samples and obtained pellet to see blue pigment production: no difference. The experiment will go on over the night, tomorrow we will hopefully be able to see some difference. Meanwhile I made some inocula from the same plate, in order to repeat the experiment with less volume cultures.", "tags" : " BlueLight_amilCP" }